4-17 Sep 2016 Porquerolles, Hyères (France)

Credits, Master classes & Exploring joint degree possiblities

MASTER CLASSES                                              
(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday -> 17:45 - 19:00)

Apart from regular courses, the European Summer School In Linguistic Typology 2016 also offers master classes.

During the master classes, the students get a possibility to present their ongoing research project to a staff member working on the same subject in order to get detailed feedback on their research design, research method, results, etc.

Students that have enrolled for a certain master class will meet as a group during one of the two weeks of the school, so that they can also learn from the feedback other group members receive.

The number of days that the students will meet with their master class instructor depends on the number of students participating in that master class. Since all master classes are scheduled in the same time slot, you can at most participate in one master class in week 1 and in one master class in week 2.


EXPLORING JOINT DEGREE POSSIBILITIES                         (Thursday 8 & 15 -> 20:30 - 21:30)

These meetings are meant for all staff members and students who would be interested in organizing or participating in a joint degree programme between two universities represented at the school.

During this informal session staff members inform the participants about the possibilities at their university, and after this the possibilities will be explored in more detail during short match-making session.


Please note that the summer school itself does not award credit points. Students can negotiate with their home institutions whether they will be awarded credit points from their home institution for the participation in the summer school, and the conditions under which they are awarded. 

The summer school does not provide examination or grading of students' work. We recommend to home institutions to award four ECTS credit points for attending the entire two weeks of the summer school, with a written student's report on the classes attended, plus two ECTS credit points for attending a masterclass with a student's presentation.

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